Tour Information

How long does it take to go through the haunted house?

That depends on many factors. When you arrive with your tickets in hand you will wait to enter the attraction. Once you enter, you go through at your own pace so the length of the experience varies from group to group. To walk through the attraction might take 20 minutes, plus time in line. To reduce your queue line wait, please purchase a VIP Immediate Entry ticket, which will grant you expedited, front of the line entry.

Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

The creatures of TERRORVISION will not touch you.

Are there any age restrictions?


Is there a lot of smoke in the haunted house?

YES. Oftentimes you’re in whiteout conditions with excessive fog. We do not recommend this attraction for asthmatics or for those suffering claustrophobia. Should you find the smoke too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attraction. Tickets are non refundable.

Is it a ride?

Visitors walk through all the attraction at TERRORVISION.

Is it dark?

Yes, there are extended sequences of pitch darkness, and extreme low lighting.

Can my friends and I wear our Halloween costumes when we come to TERRORVISION?

No. Costume Masks, Costumes, Makeup or other items that may cause confusion between you and a TERRORVISION performer are not allowed. TERRORVISION reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason without refund.

Do your attractions have security?

Yes. TERRORVISION uses private security in conjunction with the NYPD for our security team.

And the #1 most often asked question…Is it scary????


I want to do a story on the attractions; how do I?

For media inquiries, please email Scott Klein, (Keith Sherman & Associates) at

Is Alcohol or Substance Use Permitted?

No. Any guests who arrive intoxicated, or under the influence of any substance will be refused entry without refund. TERRORVISION reserves the right to deny entry, or remove patrons for any reason at any time.

Do you sell beverages and souvenirs at your attractions?

No, there is no merchandise or gift shop.

Can we be thrown out of the park for any reason?

TERRORVISION reserves the right to deny entry or remove any patron for any reason at any time.


Yes. Simply scream CHICKEN as loudly as you can, and you’ll be escorted to the exit of the attraction -without refund. If you leave the attraction you will not be permitted to re enter for any reason.

Can I go in if I’m pregnant?

TERRORVISION is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are in general poor health.

Is TERRORVISION wheelchair accessible?

YES. The entire attraction is ADA compliant

Are there strobe lights?

Yes, there are moments of intense and blinding strobe lights. We do not recommend this attraction for those suffering from seizures or epilepsy.

Are there any restrictions to enter TERRORVISION?

YES! Guests suffering from asthma, heart conditions, anxiety, PTSD, recent surgery, seizures, sensitivity to sudden loud noises, poor health, broken bones, claustrophobia, fear of darkness, or are pregnant are advised NOT TO ATTEND. Guests enter at their own risk, and TERRORVISION is NOT responsible for any injury. If you’ve had a fever, flu, or covid 19 within 14 days, DO NOT ATTEND.

Is it a maze? Can I get lost?

TERRORVISION is not a maze. Areas of the attractions may be confusing to some, but it is a linear experience.

Are your attractions open if it rains?

Yes! Our attraction is completely indoors, and we are open regardless of weather. The lines to enter are located outside however, so we recommend you bring rain gear if poor weather is forecast. Umbrellas one foot long or less when folded are allowed inside the haunted houses in a bag. Umbrellas over one foot may not be brought inside the attraction, and must be left at bag check.

Can I touch the performers or sets?

Absolutely not. No guest is permitted to touch any actor, prop, or set. In the event a guest intentionally touches a set or prop or assaults an performer they and their entre party will be removed immediately without refund. TERRORVISION reserves the right to pursue legal remedies for any incident.

What can’t we bring with us inside your attraction?

No Pets, No Weapons, No Alcoholic Beverages, No Drugs or Illegal Substances, No Cameras, No Smoking/Vaping, No Laser Pointers or Flashlights, No Food or Beverages, No Bags, No Strollers, No Suitcases, No Bulky Coats. All guests are thoroughly searched before entry.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

No. Alcoholic beverages and guests who are intoxicated are not permitted on property.

Can we take flash photos of your haunted houses?

For your safety and the safety of the performers and crew, No photography or video of any sort is allowed in the attraction. The attraction is dark and people’s eyes (especially the performers) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but you’re hurting the TERROR Staff’s eyes.

Although no photography or videotaping is allowed inside (including nightshot), the creatures working outside will quite often pose for pictures.

Is this the haunted house where there are 13 floors and when you get to the top you get your money back?

No, there is no such haunted house.

Are bags allowed?

No bags are allowed. We do not have a bag or coat check.

Are there restrooms?

There are no public restrooms during your tour.

Is smoking/vaping allowed?

No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the attraction or in our queue line. Anyone perceived to be under the influence will be asked to leave with no refund.

Where do I sign the waiver?


Tickets & Reservations

When will I receive my tickets?

You will receive an email with your tickets after completing your order purchase.

Do we give refunds?

TERRORVISION is unable to provide any refunds for any reason.

Is there a way to avoid waiting in line?

VIP Immediate Entry tickets grant front of the line, often immediate entry into the attraction.

What is a VIP Immediate Entry ticket and how do I get one?

VIP Immediate Entry tickets grant front of the line, often immediate entry into the attraction. This is an upgrade option, please note GA admission for a specific date/ time is still required. 

Where can I find coupons?

TERRORVISION will occasionally offer special discounts through our social media channels. Please like, follow, and share!

When are coupons valid?

If we offer a coupon be sure to read them carefully to see what days and times they can be used.

Once we’ve used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket

No. A new ticket is required for each visit.

Can we win free tickets?

Occasionally, radio stations or sponsors may have free ticket giveaways.

What is the Chicken Ticket?

Feeling a bit chicken to brave the TERROR with your friends?! This ticket upgrade grants you a veil of invisibility! The creatures inside will not be able to see you, and you will not be targeted during your journey. However, there’s no hope for your friends in the front and back of you, so it is possible you’ll still get a residual scare from their impacts!

What is Dynamic Pricing?

TERRORVISION utilizes a system that provides discounted tickets on Thursdays, Sundays, and dates earlier in the performance season. Tickets increase in price the closer we get to the event date, and on busier nights.

Is this the haunted house where there are 13 floors and when you get to the top you get your money back?

No, there is no such haunted house.


Don’t get scared easily? Want to punish yourself? Then turn up the TERROR! This ticket upgrade ensures you’re targeted specifically during your journey. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. YOU WILL BE SEPARATED. Bring a change of underwear, you’re going to need it.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes. Purchasing tickets online and in advance is highly recommended and the only way to guarantee entry upon your arrival at TERRORVISION. Walk-up sales are subject to availability. If a timeslot is sold out online, it is also sold out at the Box Office. Please note, TICKETS WILL INCREASE IN PRICE CLOSER TO THE EVENT.

If I buy tickets online, do I have to use them the same day?

Timed Entry and VIP Immediate Entry tickets are night and time specific – they are valid for the night and time they were purchased only. Tickets may be exchanged at least 48 hours prior to the event by visiting your confirmation email and accessing the Self Service Exchange option.

What are the Best Nights to Visit?

TERRORVISION is proud to always present a killer production. You may visit any night for a thrilling experience, however, visiting in early October, or on Thursdays and Sundays will likely result in you having a shorter wait time.

Can I make a reservation?

You can reserve a time slot to enter the queue line with a Timed Entry Ticket. However, you can avoid the line with a VIP Immediate Entry ticket, which will grant you expedited, front of the line entry.

What time does the line start forming?

All tickets sold are Timed. Timed Tickets allow you access to the queue lines during a specified half hour entry window. Please DO NOT arrive outside of your 30 minute entry window. Once you enter the queue line there will be a wait before entering the attraction. This wait could exceed 1 hour or more. If you do not wish to wait, please upgrade to a VIP Immediate Entry Ticket.

How long is the wait in line?

Wait times could exceed 1 hour. If you would like to avoid the General Admission wait, please upgrade to a VIP Immediate Entry ticket, which will grant you expedited, front of the line entry.

How Exactly do the Time Slots work again?

When you purchase a 7:00pm – 7:30pm timed entry ticket (for example), this ticket will allow you to enter the queue line anytime between 7:00pm and 7:30pm. You will enter the attraction as soon as you complete the queue line. Wait times could exceed 1 hour or more. If you do not wish to wait, purchase a VIP Immediate Entry ticket, which will grant you expedited, front of the line entry.

What if I miss my time slot?

If you miss your time slot and arrive late on the same night that your ticket was issued, we will get you into the queue lines at the earliest possible time, but please know, those with a properly timed ticket will always get entry priority. Please arrive on time as we can not guarantee how long your wait will be should you arrive late. Please also know that this only applies to tickets bearing the proper date. There is no way that expired tickets can be scanned once the date on your ticket has passed. There are no refunds, so please choose your ticket wisely. Timed ticketing restricts attendance and once a date passes, we have no way to sell that lost inventory again. Much the same as a concert, theater performance, or a sports game, we can not issue refunds if you purchased a ticket and did not attend.

I’m not able to make it to TERRORVISION on the time and/or date I originally purchased? Is there a way for my timeslot to be changed?

If you would like to reschedule your ticket, please refer back to your original ticket confirmation page, click on the link for tickets and on the top of the page you will see a “Reschedule Your Tickets” button. From here you will be able to reschedule your ticket to a timeslot that is more convenient to you (pending availability). Should you wish to change your ticket to a more expensive night (for example from a $40 admission night to a $45 admission night) you will need to purchase the full price ticket, and your original order will be refunded in full. Please know that there are no refunds for switching from a higher priced night to a lower priced night, and date/time changes are only possible up until 48 hours in advance. Please also know that there are no refunds and that tickets can not be exchanged/rescheduled if you purchased a ticket and did not attend. For exchanging tickets on equally priced nights, there is a $13 exchange fee per order.

What are the ticket prices for TERRORVISION?

Click Here For Prices

Does TERRORVISION offer group rates?

YES! We offer group packages and discounts for 13 tickets or more. Please purchase a SCREAM SQUAD 13 ticket bundle to receive the discount and best price possible online. Please note, the discount only applies to orders consisting of 13 tickets.

Does TERRORVISION accept credit cards?

We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

I just bought my ticket online…do I still have to wait in line when I get to the Haunted House?

Timed Entry Tickets allow entry to the queue line for TERRORVISION on a specific date during a specific timeframe. Queue wait times may exceed 1 hour or more. VIP Immediate Entry passes grant front of the line, often immediate access to the attraction on the designated date/time of your ticket. After you purchase a ticket online, you will receive an email and be able to print out your ticket. You must present this barcoded ticket (printed or on your smartphone) to the staff at the entrance where your ticket will be scanned and you will be granted entry.

Can we Book your event for a Private Party?

Yes! Terror would be happy to host your event. Please email us HERE

Parking & Directions

What's the easiest way to get there?

We recommend using public transportation as TERRORVISION is located near Times Square and can be quite congested.

Do we pay to park?

We do not offer parking but street parking and pay per hour parking garages are located nearby.

Can we drop off our kids and pick them up later?

No. All victims under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18+ at ALL TIMES.

Is TERRORVISION wheelchair accessible?

YES. The entire attraction is ADA compliant

Are there any motels/hotels close to TERRORVISION and are there any special rates?

Yes! We’re located in Times Square, there are infinite options for accommodation.

How can I find haunted houses in New York City or in other cities and states?

Check out, or any of the other really helpful haunted house directories that can be found on the web.

Where are you located?

TERRORVISION is located in Times Square at 300 West 43rd Street, on the corner of 8th Avenue. The venue is around the corner from Chick-fil-A and 7-Eleven. You can reach our venue with the following Subway Lines: Take N, Q, R, S, W, 1, 2, 3 and 7 to Times Square- 42nd Street, Take A, C, E, L, M to 42nd Street Port Authority, take 3, 7, B, D, F to Bryant Park-42nd street.

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